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I like the ocean. I’ve been living next to the ocean all my live. As metaphor, the Ocean is a powerfull icon: deep, changing, always unknown and uncontrollable. The Ocean means the Life. The origin and the end.

When child, the ocean scared me. The things that lives in the bottom of the ocean are monsters. Real monsters. There are unknown creatures living in the darkness of the ocean. Things who never see the sun. Swim in the bottomless ocean is just fly over the monster’s nest.
I wanted to explore the ocean, to study the creatures who live there. Just because they scared me. Because I’m a science man: I don’t fear what I know. I want to know, to understand. Knowledge is power.

But the Ocean still there. I’m not afraid. I know the monsters. I understand the streams, the waves, the tides. But the Ocean is there, just in the horizon, beyond my window. Pitch black in the darkness of a moonless night.

I’ve the ocean in my veins. In my soul. The deeper you go, the darker it becomes. And the monsters are waiting, unseen, unknown.

  • Film: GATTACA
  • City: Chicago
  • Food: Indian or sushi
  • Hobby: Rol play games
  • Picture: Flaming June
  • Book: Perfume: The story of a Murderer
  • Sport: Ice skating

I can catch the sun for you

Be carefull, sharp edges are under the soft skin.