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It was a sunny day. Road trip. “Marea” singing in the radio, our mix, our songs. We were talking about who was who in each song, to whom we were singing to. “This one is about me and O.”, she told me, and was true, and she cried one lonely tear, smiling. “This is me, singing to you!” I told her, and we sang together, our hands touching, the road below and the blue sky above us. “Skip this one, I can’t stand that one verse…”, “This one is me, you are telling me that you’ve enough…”. We held hands, sang at top of our lungs, looked into our eyes, and loved.

Every red light, every stop sign, she looked for my lips, kissing me like the world was beginning and we got everything to lose.

And we lost.


I’m weak. I’ve been defeated. Broken.

I’ve lost her, and she’s just fucking around with all the people she knew I was jealous. She’s burning all the land around me, and never looking back. She, who swore to been always there for me. To be always the first to rise a helping hand. She hates me. She despises me. And I can’t do a damm thing, cause I just can’t stand her.

I can’t see her. I can’t think about her. It hurts. Hurts so much I just want to chug down some Diazepan and vodka and just let it end.

I want to end this. For real.

I can catch the sun for you

Be carefull, sharp edges are under the soft skin.