Is a fact. I’m sick (flu) and tired. I’m tired about lots of things. And sleeping alone is just one of them.
My “personal holistic counsellor” told me that my sickness comes from my emotional stress. And she’s right, I know. But I’ve to deal with this shit by myself. There’s no other way: you can’t fight the tide. But you must fight against the water if don’t want to drown.

I feel quite adrift, now. I know I will survive. I know how to deal with loneliness and sadness and everything else. Is just I don’t want. Keep me balanced is the tricky part, day by day. Don’t want to become a cynical guy. Don’t want to become the “depressed friend” that everyone feels sorry for him.

So, balance. Keep the balance between heart and mind. Keep the bad feelings, the regret, the things that will hurt me at bay.